and be grateful
3 page anders/fenris comic collaboration between me and shimmy!

art: spader7
story: spicyshimmy 

also on deviantart

it’s finished! I started this a long time ago, but had to take the longest break in history due to my tennis elbow. but now it’s finally here, I hope you enjoy!

(sidenote: it’s been many MANY years since I last made a comic and I basically know nothing about it orz)

the way spader7 draws that deep groove, that tight little line around fenris’s mouth… it slays me. you can hear the tight intake of breath, the creak of leather, the scoffing noise caught in the back of his throat when his lip curls back. the colors on this turned out so wonderfully—while isabela’s dynamism and fenris’s eyebrows and anders’s pout are stealing the show for me.