(Em’s not the type to just have a “you’re handsome” conversation. It has to be half-insulting and mentioned as an offhand comment while doing something innocuous.)

After escaping the Fade and fighting through a few more rooms of the Tower, Em and Alistair sit together and take a breather, cleaning the blood from their swords…

Em: You were cute in there.
Alistair: Where?
Em: You know. The Fade.
Alistair: I’m sorry, cute?
Em: That wasn’t you bouncing up and down? Excited, whiney, completely clueless. Totally cute.
Alistair: Sooo… you think I’m cute. Is this the part where I say the same?
Em: (smirks) Up to you.
Alistair: Oh, definitely. (reaches over and wipes a smear of blood from her cheek) Especially when you’re covered in blood. Hot.
Em: (shoves him playfully away, looks only mildly uncomfortable) Come on. We have to go.

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